Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zymmetrical News: Message Forum Tuned Up

Our Message Forums just got an extensive overhaul, with the goal to make it an absolutely comfortable place to communicate in - whether it's a suggestion or question about the site directed at us, or shooting the breeze with fellow Creatives.

What is shiny and new:
- New search capabilities multiple filter and criteria options.
- Points and rewards system.
- Improved forum navigation with AJAX Printer friendly option for topics.
- Email topic to a friend.
- Tag topics with keywords.
- Who’s Online with up to the minute accuracy.
- Improved upload capabilities for topic attachments.
- Use Quick Reply to quote multiple replies from multiple pages.
- Quickly jump to first unread post or the last post of a topic.
- Option to hide avatars and signatures of other users.
- Improved topic status capabilities.
- Improved method for creating polls.
- Improved support for mobile devices.
- Email notifications are sent as plaintext and html.
- CAPTCHA support to prevent spam from anonymous users.
- Automatically detect URLs in posts and convert to links.
- Automatically reduce the size of extra long links.
- Numerous performance improvements.

If you haven't participated yet, come on down and get involved - Zymmetrical thrives on your individual expertise and personality.

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