Saturday, September 13, 2008

Masterfile envisions the 'Green World'

Toronto (CANADA) / Düsseldorf (GERMANY), SEPTEMBER 2008 - Masterfile’s next magazine-style publication (The File 2.08) - entitled 'Green World' - will be distributed to clients around the world in mid-September 2008.

With 'Green World', Masterfile tackles the topic of environmentally compatible living – a trend that will dominate and define our futures as no other. In fact, 'green' consciousness is no longer simply a trend. Environmental awareness has gone mainstream, and ecology minded thinking will necessarily play a key role in the actions of all people from now on. This has recently become very apparent in the field of advertising and media, where the topic is more and more prevalent.

Major corporations are increasingly putting out a 'green' message in their marketing strategies; on television, in print and on the web. With powerful, expressive photographs of landscapes, nature, animals and people, Masterfile’s 'Green World' brilliantly illustrates this sea change with images from its collections. All of these and countless more ecologically relevant photographs and illustrations are available for on-line research and licensing at

Surprising facts about global climate and environmental issues are intriguingly presented throughout the magazine in different hand-lettered styles. This treatment accentuates the strong expressiveness of the imagery available in Masterfile’s Royalty-Free & Rights-Managed collections, and also demonstrates Masterfile’s appreciation for unique design.


'Green World' was produced carbon-neutrally and printed on 100% recycled paper. At there will be a link to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) website where visitors can learn all about their important initiatives. Any resulting monetary donation made to the FSC to assist them with their efforts in conserving the world’s forests and diminishing climate change will be rewarded with a newly planted tree in Masterfile City (, Masterfile’s virtual online world!

'Green World' will be available in two versions, just like Masterfile’s prior publication 'Mysteries'. There will be a 32 page Deluxe Edition and an 8 page Standard Edition, both in a 240 x 335 mm oversized format. Also, an animated interactive version of 'Green World' will be found at 'Green World' was created in-house by Masterfile’s European design department in Düsseldorf.

In conjunction with this elaborate publication’s release, Masterfile is offering a special discount promotion for new customers. They’ll get 20% off their first image purchase made before the end of the year. All the details about this attractive introductory offer can be found at

Source: CEPIC

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