Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mamiya Introduces 45mm F2.8 D Wide-Angle Lens

Mamiya announced the introduction of the Mamiya Sekor 45mm f2.8 D -- the latest lens in the growing series of Mamiya Digital lenses. This wide-angle lens utilizes low-dispersion glass to correct chromatic aberration, producing high resolution and a large image circle coverage for film and digital backs. The use of floating lens elements ensures edge-to-edge sharpness at all focusing distances.

Since wide-angle lenses can cause color shift problems with digital backs (due to the extreme angle at which light rays hit the sensor), the Mamiya 45mm f/2.8 D has been designed to direct light rays so that they are parallel when they hit the sensor – producing maximum sharpness, color accuracy and contrast.

The Mamiya Sekor AF 45mm f/2.8 D lens has been designed with a 16bit CPU that allows easy firmware upgrading, fine lens characteristic correction and fast, reliable communication between the lens, camera body and digital back when used in conjunction with the Mamiya 645AFDIII and 645AFDII.

The lens has an angle of view of 76 degrees - equivalent to a 28mm lens in the 35mm format. The Mamiya Sekor AF 45mm f/2.8 D is especially suited for architectural photography and other subjects dominated by straight lines. It also features a one touch switching ring for easy changing between manual and auto focus.

Pricing and delivery to be announced later this year.


Compatible cameras: 645AFDII & III, ZD camera
Optical construction: 8 elements 7 groups
Angle of view: 76°
Minimum aperture: 22
Minimum focusing distance: 17.7 inches (45cm)
Maximum magnifying ratio: 0.14
Area covered: 393 x 291mm
Equivalent focal lens for 35mm: 28mm
Filter size: 67mm
Lens hood: Bayonet type
Dimensions: 2.9 x 3 inches (73.5 x 77mm)
Weight: 17.5 oz (495g)
Focal length when attached to the Mamiya ZD Digital back: 52mm for the 645 format (equivalent to 32mm in the 35mm format)

Source: Mamiya

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