Friday, September 5, 2008

Jalbum - Free Web Photo Album

is a free album creator software, free hosting and a creative community. Jalbum allows you to create eye-catching photo galleries for the Web. You have a large selection of different skins, and once you have published your albums, Jalbum will put it in your user page on Jalbum has a partnership with blurb so that you can bring your creativity off-line too.


- Freeware – no nags, no ads, no spyware
- If you don’t have your own webpage, then there is free hosting (30 MB)
- large selection of ready mad skins with different styles
- automatically generation of web photo album
- crate your own skins if you have HTML and CSS experience
- optional you can turn on a print ordering function for your visitors

I use Jalbum for my own website with two different galleries:
- (click on Gallery in the menu)

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