Monday, September 8, 2008

Affordable Stock Photography

Affordable Stock Photography has been running since 2003 and was developed by a company in Texas called Subia Creative. They specialize in SEO and started the site. I was their first contributor and always had a strong and fruitful relationship with them. Due to the previous owners business plan changing and heading in different directions they were interested in selling the site. They offered it to me and I gladly took it on with the intention to revamp the site and to breath new life into it. Since taking the site on I have added several new features to it and given the site a brand new look. Since taking the site on I have tripled the content in a reasonably short time. However I am still looking for partner agencies to contribute large collections of cutting edge imagery.

Being a photographer I understand the needs of photographers and think that I am easy to deal with. It certainly has been an interesting experience being on the other site for a while from contributing photographer to editing submissions. The site for me is in its infancy and I really want to develop it further. I find that a lot of image sales of my own collection represented on other sites are low or medium resolution.

My site takes out the unnecessary options of small medium and large, if a client requires a larger file then they are welcome to contact the site and we can fulfill this requirement with a large file. Our size images are perfect for web and print set at a price that each contributing photographer or agency feels appropriate for their collection. Making the site automatically dispatch purchased images to the buyer makes it an easy site to shop at and this usability keeps the customers happy and returning. Currently the site is representing 6 suppliers and 24 photographers. This is however about to dramatically increase due to a recent marketing campaign.

Contributors come from America all throughout Europe and Australia. Although I am currently based in Australia most traffic comes from abroad. I am looking forward to ASP's future and am always happy to receive feedback and certainly happy to talk to anyone interested in becoming ASP's newest contributor/supplier.

David Ewing Stock Photography.

Affordable Stock Photography


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did you see the thread about this on microstockgroup?,5739.msg62141/topicseen.html#new

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I saw it firs at

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