Friday, April 2, 2010

Scripts to check and fix images from Electric Lane

Apr 01. 2010, 10:04 by CEPIC - In an industry increasingly reliant on high volume and low price, image libraries need to increase productivity to thrive in the market. Consultancy Electric Lane now has an offering to help every library reduce workflow costs.

For the first time, a system is available which not only checks images but also fixes many problems automatically.

ImageVisa and ImageText create a filtering system for incoming images. Photographers receive templates for metadata and keywords, and images are only passed if data and technical requirements are met. The system can be fine tuned to the needs of the individual library, allowing for customised technical and metadata standards. The images emerge in the correct format with clean customised data .

"This is long overdue" says Electric Lane Director Sarah Saunders. "Our scripts fix as well as check, and that?s a huge boost to productivity. Photographer direct upload becomes more reliable, and staff time is saved. That is the trend for the large agencies and we are pleased to offer the service to agencies of all sizes."

Libraries using the scripts are delighted with the results. "It has revolutionised our business" says one client. " We are so light on our feet now. It's much more efficient, and there's no human error."


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