Monday, April 12, 2010

"Glow Wellness" - New Glowimages Collection

Glowimages, a leading global producer and distributor of stock photography is set to launch its latest Rights Managed collection: Glow Wellness.

Apr 12. 2010 12:04 by CEPIC - This new Glowimages collection is high quality material focusing on health and wellbeing imagery. The collection has an initial 5000 Rights Managed images and covers a very broad range of medical content including medical procedures, daily life in hospital, routine check-ups, emergency treatments, pregnancy and birth. Alongside the traditional treatments, a range of alternative therapies are well documented as well as all aspects of wellbeing from healthy eating, to relaxing in a spa, from yoga exercises through to working out at the gym. This Glow Wellness collection depicts hospital life as well as people with disabilities in a positive light with successful procedures and treatments fitting comfortably alongside a wide ranging imagery of healthy living.

Glow Wellness is the ninth collection to be added to the existing Glowimages portfolio of Glow RF, Glow Asia, Artbox,, Glow RM, Glow D├ęcor, Glow Cuisine and Glow Subscription.

Pepper Stark is working with Glowimages to set up the international distribution network for Glow Wellness. For further information on this collection and to express interest in representation, please contact

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