Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tiofoto 50 Years of Images

Stockholm (SWEDEN) 16 NOVEMBER 2009 - (CEPIC) - Tiofoto is celebrating 50 years in stock photography in 2009, a milestone in stock photography worth noting. The Tiofoto legacy lives on with new Swedish photography side by side with classic images.

In 1959 a group of ten photographers called Tio Fotografer started a stock photo agency they called Tiofoto. The agency provided a common forum where the ten photographers could display and sell their images. Tiofoto was very successful both in Sweden and abroad and came to have a huge impact on Swedish photography. Through the years a lot of talented photographers have been affiliated with the agency. In 2005 the Tiofoto collection was included in NordicPhotos and today there are about 50 photographers connected to the collection.

Enjoy a small selection of new and classic Tiofoto images by clicking this link.

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