Friday, November 6, 2009

Alaska Stock Images Expands Reach within Asia

Anchorage, (ALSAKA), 5 NOVEMBER 2009 (CEPIC) - Alaska’s premier photo agency, Alaska Stock Images, has signed agreements with two major Asian distributors of digital image content: Panorama Media Ltd and IPS Japan.

Established in 1993, Panorama Media ( has grown to become the largest online stock photo operation in China with headquarters located in Beijing. Panorama Stock is the Hong Kong and international hub, offering a library of over 1 million creative and editorial images. As a major provider of Rights Managed content, Alaska Stock sees its expansion within the Chinese market as a major step and huge growth area: China now being the third largest economy in the world after the US and Japan.

Alaska Stock Images is very pleased to further extend its Asian distribution reach by adding IPS (, one of Japan’s most long established Rights Managed distributors. Alaska Stock owner, Jeff Schultz, remarked, “We are delighted to have our Alaska images represented in China by Panorama Stock and feel they are positioned very well to market our unique set of images in the Chinese marketplace.“

Yasuko Kimura, the International Manager at IPS speaks very enthusiastically of the Alaska Stock imagery, citing in particular the relevance of the landscape material to their advertising and poster clients. A positive by-product of greater distribution of Alaskan scenic and striking wildlife imagery within the Japanese market could also be an increase in Japanese tourism to Alaska.

About Alaska Stock:
About Alaska Stock Images: Alaska Stock Images, founded in 1990 by Jeff Schultz, is a specialty photo agency with an offering of over 400,000 Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free images of Alaska tourism, summer and winter lifestyles, outdoor recreation, adventure, historic, wildlife, global warming and climate change, majestic landscapes, and photos from Antarctica and Canada. This collection continues to grow on a regular basis with over 50,000 images available online at with in excess of 150 contributing photographers of the highest calibre. The full collection is available for sale directly from Alaska Stock’s sales team and around 15,000 Rights Managed images have been especially selected for their Alaskan speciality and international relevance and are sold worldwide via its international distribution network.

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