Saturday, November 21, 2009

Book: The Photographer's Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

Editorial Reviews
"Beautifully presented with genrous and helpful color illustrations, this book is a very affordable addition to the library of the serious photographer."
-Candian Camera (Feb. 08)

Product Description
Design is the single most important factor in creating a successful photograph. The ability to see the potential for a strong picture and then organize the graphic elements into an effective, compelling composition has always been one of the key skills in making photographs.
Digital photography has brought a new, exciting aspect to design - first because the instant feedback from a digital camera allows immediate appraisal and improvement; and second because image-editing tools make it possible to alter and enhance the design after the shutter has been pressed. This has had a profound effect on the way digital photographers take pictures.
The Photographer's Eye shows how anyone can develop the ability to see and shoot great digital photographs. The book explores all the traditional approaches to composition and design, but crucially, it also addresses the new digital technique of shooting in the knowledge that a picture will later be edited, manipulated, or montaged to result in a final image that may be very different from the one seen in the viewfinder.


  • Covers both traditional in-camera composition and the new opportunities for picture-making made possible by digital imaging editing
  • Shows how to explore situations and locations in order to find the best possible photographic possibilities
  • Uses clear examples from real photographic assignments, with schematic illustrations of how and why the pictures work

1 comment:

neil said...

It covers every aspect of the subject in a positively illuminating way. It doesn't just talk about the "Law of Thirds" it explains and shows why this rule helps your photography; it gives specific examples of everything it mentions and also what you can do about breaking the rules. It is highly readable, is not patronising, it is totally expanding. If you want to get the best results, get this.

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