Sunday, November 29, 2009

FotoTV wins German IPTV award for best business model

COLOGNE, GERMANY, November 29, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The InternetTV for photography, FotoTV has won the third German IPTV Award in the category of 'Best Business model'. The Founder and CEO of FotoTV Marc Ludwig, received the Award in person yesterday, at the Awards Ceremony in Berlin.

The German IPTV Awards started three years ago, honors innovative and successful businesses in the IPTV segment. FotoTV being one of the winners of this year disproves the popular belief that paid content in the Internet does not work.

'We are pleased to receive this Award', says Marc Ludwig at the Awards Ceremony. This further confirms that FotoTV is a pioneer in paid content on the Internet. It has for several years used a business model that other Internet based content providers are only now discovering as a sustainable model.

Adds Mr. Ludwig, 'three years ago when we decided to charge our users for the content we were considered to be exotic, today we are the vanguards of a business model that many hope to achieve!"

"Over the last few months we were often told that our decision to charge users for content will not succeed in the Internet" explains Marc Ludwig, "now even publishing houses and other Internet based businesses are beginning to realize that free content on the Internet does not bring revenues at the end of the day and so needs to be combined with paid content!"
FotoTV has become an exemplification of successful paid business models on the Internet!

The team at FotoTV under the leadership of Marc Ludwig has produced an unsurpassed collection of videos on photography in less than three years! FotoTV (together the German version at and the English version at boast a collection of 600 videos on all aspects of photography. These videos are produced by FotoTV and available only in its websites. FotoTV therefore remains the world's largest InternetTV on photography.

About The German IPTV Award:

The German IPTV association is an association of small and medium enterprises using media technologies. The association is announcing these awards for the third year in succession. It is considered to be the largest award of its kind that honors innovative businesses in the IPTV segment. The aim of the IPTV Award is to recognize and distinguish six different categories under the IPTV business segment. More information about the award can be found under,

About FotoTV

FotoTV ( is that world's biggest WebTV/InternetTV on photography. A huge collection of 600 videos spans all aspects of photography. Every video demonstrates through an expert photographer, a technique, a new concept, a different perspective, or post productions tips. The videos are based on the principle of "Learn by watching the Experts" through videos on the Internet - a hugely popular trend nowadays. 10 of these videos can be viewed for free upon registration but the rest of the collection is available at 70 Euros per annum. has a special end-of-the-year subscription offer at 30 Euros per annum that is valid until 31st Dec 2009.

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I have found a similar italian contest on but do you know about italian contests suche as this one?

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No I am not aware of any other Italian contests.

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