Thursday, November 26, 2009

nio™ - Your New Gadget Guardian Powered by Bluetooth - Now Available in North America

Prevent the Accidental Loss or Opportunistic Theft of Portable Devices and the Valuable Data They Contain

EDINBURGH, Scotland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Portable technology users can now harness Bluetooth to defend against the loss or theft of their devices: Following success in the European market, British mobile innovator TenBu announced today that nio™, the gadget that protects valuables such as laptops, BlackBerrys, smartphones and the data they contain, is now available in North America.

Named after the Japanese Guardian Kings, nio creates a selectable security zone of just a few feet - up to 80 - with a Bluetooth tag and an innovative software link that downloads directly onto the user’s cell phone. When the security zone is breached, both the nio tag and the cell phone emit an audible alarm, and a flashing blue light on the tag is triggered.

“It’s easy to forget just how much confidential data is stored on your cell phone or laptop, from photos to contacts, and it’s also easy to forget just how easy it is to lose your cell phone or laptop,” said Ben Hounsell, Director of TenBu Technologies. “nio prevents not only the time, cost and stress of replacing the lost item and its data, but also the very real cost of someone gaining access to and abusing your personal information.”

How nio works:

nio is specifically designed for ease of use. The nio software can control multiple nio tags simultaneously, and each tag can be given an identifying name and image on the cell phone. In extremely high-risk environments, users can activate a Motion Sensor to alert them if anyone moves their tagged item, even within the selected security zone.

A handy “locate” tone helps users find misplaced tagged items, and a calendar feature allows users to preset specific times for the tag to go active – ideal for the commute to work. Uniquely, nio comes equipped with a fully rechargeable battery that can keep nio on standby for several weeks.

A formidable first line of defense against the loss or theft of valuable portable items, nio is compatible with most smartphones.

A video explaining how nio™ works is available here:

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Pricing and Availability

nio tags are available for the first time in the United States through

$69.95 includes lifetime service

nio can also be purchased at

2,600 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute somewhere in the world. Let nio guard your valuable belongings and warn you when they are about to go missing.

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nio currently supports a variety of devices including BlackBerrys, Nokia smartphones, Windows Mobile, and other PDAs. Please check to see the full list of compatible devices.

About TenBu Technologies

TenBu is a privately funded technology company providing unique solutions for mobile devices such as BlackBerry® smartphones, Nokia smartphones and PDAs. Our unique technology focuses on providing customers with cost effective, innovative applications that provide additional security, enhanced mobility, and reliable solutions.

Please contact us at or visit

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