Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PhotoReflect Reinvents Online Selling for the Professional Photographer

Website and Online Storefront Solution Expands Functions with Eyes Set on Helping Pro Photo Businesses Grow, Profit and Thrive

Building upon its industry-leading business model, PhotoReflect announces new tools, functionality and services resulting in the easiest and most feature-rich way for photographers to publish and sell photography to their customers online. With this announcement, PhotoReflect continues to be the only full-suite solution that allows photographers to choose lab partners and/or print themselves for order fulfillment while now also completely automating personalized photo gifts, greeting cards, multi-pose and item packages, bordered and digital products, and more with zero upfront cost.

“Providing money-making opportunities for pro photographers in today’s highly competitive marketplace is what PhotoReflect is all about,” explains Graham McFarland, CEO of ExpressDigital, PhotoReflect’s parent company. He continues: “Presenting and selling photos online has become an expectation of photography customers and we take it upon ourselves to empower photographers to meet these and future expectations. Today we commemorate a new revolution in free and accessible technologies designed to help photographers sell and communicate with their customers. Tomorrow you can expect even more.”

Celebrating a decade online, PhotoReflect is the industry pioneer that has made its mark with a business model that dictates to never charge for service if it does not succeed in helping the photographer become more profitable. This mission and total independence (from labs, major manufacturers and other third-party interests) is the brainchild of extensive new features that include interactive photo gift and card creators, an online dashboard that is also accessible via iPhone, Palm Pre, Netbooks and other internet-enabled devices, totally unique and customer-driven products, and marketing tools. In addition, PhotoReflect unveils a new logo and website, has updated over 120 site and storefront style options and offers a streamlined set-up process to all users.

About ExpressDigital© -- Express Digital Graphics, Inc.’s “photography inspired solutions” empower any-sized photography business to incorporate a profitable workflow. ExpressDigital’s DARKROOM™ software, PhotoReflect© internet storefronts, and Labtricity© lab connectivity solutions are the leaders within the digital photography market. The company operates on the core value that service, innovation and connectivity is the future of professional photography. For more information, visit

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