Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hasselblad wins second straight BCP Award

14/09/2009 Hasselblad’s precious customer magazine VICTOR by Hasselblad wins second straight BCP Award

S. Bittner (Publisher, CoS), C. Heinrichs (CoS), M. Schumacher (CoS), U. Moebus (Hasselblad Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH)

VICTOR by Hasselblad is reaping one award after another for its creators: After winning the highly coveted glass BCP trophy last year, Scandinavian-based camera maker Hasselblad has now won the plaudit again in 2009.

It is already the fifth time that VICTOR by Hasselblad has been a first-place winner in an important European or international industry competition since it first appeared in 2006. With 600 magazines applying, the BCP Award is the major European competition for corporate publications. “This large format magazine is also bigger than life in terms of quality, with daring pictures and unusual subjects which are perfectly staged using a clear layout,” says Forum Corporate Publishing about VICTOR by Hasselblad.

The award citation describes VICTOR as “the perfect image magazine for one of the world’s leading camera brands – a successful blend of aesthetics and information.” If VICTOR by Hasselblad should receive the BCP trophy once again, the magazine will be honored by induction into the BCP Hall of Fame in recognition of its consistent quality performance in the corporate publishing field.

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