Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Berlin (GERMANY), 15 SEPTEMBER 2009 - Search images at the speed of thought- with FOTOFINDER's new SIMILARITY SEARCH.

Now find the right creative images instantly with SIMILARITY SEARCH. Matching SHAPES, COLORS and ATMOSPHERE. SIMILARITY SEARCH frees the creative image researcher from lengthy repetitive keyword searches.

Start with a keyword search, then use SIMILARITY SEARCH on the image that most closely matches your need. Similars begin to appear instantly- drawn from FOTOFINDER's 7.5 million images. Searching creative imagery by structure and color is light years faster than keyword searches.

Do you already have a photo that is "almost right?" Upload it to FOTOFINDER and the search begins automatically. Forget keywords entirely!

How easy (and fast) is it?
1. Initial keyword search
2. SIMILARITY SEARCH on closest match


1. Upload your image.
(that's it- there is no 2.)

Try it now.

SIMILARITY SEARCH, uses technology developed by Australia-based IMPREZZO. Each of FOTOFINDERS more than 7.5 Mil images from over 200 sources has been analyzed by IMPREZZO.

FOTOFINDER is Germany's leading B2B image portal.

For more information, samples or fact sheets please contact the FOTOFINDER GmbH, Agnes Folaji

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