Tuesday, June 29, 2010

H4D Shooter Attracts Press in Print and Online

29/06/2010 Video Captures Popular London Fashion Shoot.

Wayne Johns, UK-based fashion beauty editorial advertising photographer has received a lot of press lately surrounding a fashion shoot he did a while back
with his H4D.

Says Johns, "The behind-the-scenes video that was filmed during the 'Birds of Summer' shoot, showing me using the new Hasselblad H4D system, has received almost as much recognition as the image story itself."

Shot at Premium Park Studios in London using some pieces from the SS/10 collection of designer Marko Mitanovski, the video has appeared in five different print and online magazines, has popped up on several fashion blogs, won ‘Shot of the Week’
on Fashion Photography Blog, in the U.S., and is drawing lots of attention on YouTube. It is also coming to Haute TV.

"I love working with people who have interesting and creative ideas and inspiration, people with new things to try out, no matter how random or bizarre they may seem," says Johns. He enjoys shooting beauty/fashion outdoors, using his H4D and mixed lighting.

"The experience has definitely fueled more creativity and filming in me. I’m already planning more exciting projects, including a new fashion story," says Johns.

Johns thanks Hasselblad UK's Chris Russell-Fish and Warren Garbutt for their efforts for the shoot. Among the other key players are hair stylist Perry Patraszewski, Oxygen Models Agata and Roksana, and stylist Claudia Behnke.

Wayne Johns’ images resist any one category, but satisfy an impressive client roster around the world. “My inspiration, enthusiasm and creative passion are fueled by my passion for life, everything it has to offer, and anything that surrounds me at a given time,” says Johns.

He has had recent exhibitions in Krakow and Warsaw, and was nominated as a finalist in the Professional Photographer of the Year, the only photographer to have three images in the finals. In addition to Hasselblad, he has produced images for Vogue, GQ, Coca Cola-Fuze, L'Oreal, Powergen, Next, Nike, Vans, Sketchers, Surf Pro, Heybrook Hi-Fi, Arnet, and many other magazines, books, and online outlets.

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