Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clicks Beyond the Borders

A photographic initiative to overcome Alpine barriers and connect biodiversity.

Jun 26. 2010 11:06 by CEPIC - Taking advantage of the Biodiversity Day, on May, 22nd starts the initiative "Clicks beyond the borders" promoted by the partners of the project "ECONNECT restoring the web of life". The initiative is intended for amateur and professional photographers and aims at gathering meaningful images that express the idea of overcoming barriers in the Alpine arc.

All species need to move, migrate and wander within their habitats. Although, too often men prevent
them from moving freely: a highway or a railroad, a border or differences in legislation between countries become an obstacle that undermines the natural movement of wildlife.

The challenge for the participants is to communicate this problem: their pictures will tell stories of insurmountable barriers and of strategies devised by animals and plants, facilitated also by the aid of man, to overcome them. Participants can submit a maximum of three digital pictures, taken strictly in the Alps, by January 15th 2011, into the group created on the social network FLICKR, where people can register and upload their pictures.

A prestigious panel of experts chaired by Denis Curti, critic and director of the photographic agency Contrasto Italy, will evaluate the best 12 photos from March 15th, 2011. Denis Curti

"Using photography as a tool to communicate a so difficult subject is a great opportunity to spread to non-insiders an issue such as ecological connectivity, rarely addressed by general media but no less urgent."

The pictures will be evaluated by the experts according to criteria of adequacy as regards the theme, creativity, originality, quality and technique. The 12 chosen pictures will be shown in an exhibition to be held during the ECONNECT final conference in Berchtesgaden (Germany) in mid 2011 and will be used to create a calendar to be distributed to all the conference participants.

The best works will be awarded with:

* A weekend-stay in the pilot region of Alpi-Marittime at "La locanda del Sorriso"(
* A weekend-stay in the pilot region of Berchtesgaden-Salzburg at "Alm & Wellnesshotel Alpenhof
* A basket of typical Italian products coming from WWF Italy's protected areas
* WWF-White Star photographic book "Last and wild."

Other awards are in the course of being defined.

The organizers of the initiative are the partners of ECONNECT, a three-year project funded by the European Union, whose main goal is to create connections among Alpine countries and protected areas in order to allow species migrating. Among the 16 partners there are the University of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine of Wien, WWF Italy, the Italian Ministry of Environment, the University of Innsbruck, CIPRA International, the Task Force for Protected Areas and many others. ( ,

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