Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MAGIX Photo Editing Distorts Your Perception

LONDON-- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Photo editing with Xtreme Photo & Graphic Designer makes it possible to give caricature-like expressions to humans and animals alike. In addition to being able to distort facial expressions, the graphic software from MAGIX (GER:MGX) can also be set to do work on the rest of the body, for as the temperatures reach their summer peaks, toned figures becomes a hot topic. And what takes years of pumping iron in reality, happens in just seconds at the hands of a PC user. The "liquid paint" effect makes it possible to impart exaggerated proportions to humans and animals in photos, making them look like caricatures. The same effect which can double muscle mass can also cut the stomach to half of its circumference. "Finally, a cranky uncle has an ear-to-ear smile, the house pet can be turned into an alien, or your own pectorals can be pumped to match those of a bodybuilder. The option of distorting images should not, of course be applied to every photo. As a cleverly executed surprise, however, it can guarantee loads and loads of fun", says MAGIX Senior Product Manager Klaus Fischer.

Subtle or all out – MAGIX photo editing for bodies and faces

The "liquid paint" effect makes in possible to freely mold image parts in order to, for example, turn a portrait into a caricature. The effect may also be used in a more muted fashion, for a distortion doesn't always have to become a grimace – small changes, such as lifting the corners of the subject's mouth, can also make a big difference. A new changes to the facial mimicry can alter the overall effect of a photo. A beautiful portrait where the facial expression seems a little dull can be lightened up, and even used as an advertising photo. Discussions about which relative doesn't like which expression on a group photo are also a thing of the past – one, two clicks, and everyone is wearing a smile. If your changes aren't what you expected them to be, each step can always be reversed. The "non-destructive" approach guarantees that the original always may quickly be restored. You can then start optimization using all available digital photo editing tools from scratch, until your desired effect is reached.

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