Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fotolia - Premium Subscription

Fotolia announced today in its newsletter that they will lunch soon a Premium Subscription. Here the quote form the newsletter:

JULY 2009


Dear fotolians,

Our subscription customers asked and asked - and now, we're giving them what they want! Soon, we'll launch a new premium subscription plan allowing subscribers to download high-resolution images, vectors and video clips.

Here's the really good news - higher royalties are being paid under this new subscription plan. We anticipate this new service will quickly increase both your sales and revenues. In addition, new subscription plans will pay 3 downloads for a vector sale and 10 for video clip sale - more details follow below.


We're aggressively upping our game to go after the subscription market and generating a whole new wave of high volume, high value customers. We are positive this will mean more revenues for all contributors who sell their collections through Fotolia subscriptions

This new subscription will not only increase your sales, but your revenues through increased royalties. How? Fotolia will attract new customers with the premium subscription plans, and that will increase the number of downloads you have. Premium subscription plans also increase the credit value you receive per download, and gives additional credits for vectors and video clips.


The new revenue ranges from 0.35 to 0.42 credit/download. This is an across the board royalty increase of 0.05 credit/download. Royalties will be multiplied by 3 for vector sales and by 10 for video clips sales.

For example, Bronze members will earn 0.36/credit per download for images, and 1.08 credits (0.36 x 3) for vectors, and 3.6 credits (0.36 x 10) for video clips under premium subscription plans. Similarly, because Gold members earn 0.38/credit, they will earn 1.14 credits (0.38 x 3) for every vector downloaded.

This exciting new service will bring increased sales and revenues, so we anticipate you'll be as enthusiastic about this as we are! Keep your eyes out for the launch… the countdown is on!


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