Friday, July 3, 2009

Kursiv: KIM Keywording 1.5 released

(CEPIC) SWITZERLAND, 2nd JULY 2009 - Kursiv releases a new version of its multilingual keywording software. KIM Keywording 1.5 offers many workflow improvements and introduces a simple method to prioritize keywords. The new version is a free upgrade for existing users.

Keywording is tedious toil. Good keywording is crucial for both photoagencies and photographers. Without keywording, your images will not be found, and no sales can be expected. KIM Keywording has been designed to take the pain out of keywording and to make the process both fast and reliable.

Improved functionality
With the launch of KIM Keywording 1.5, Kursiv integrated feedback from users worldwide. "The feedback of our customers has proved to be invaluable to us", says Karsten Risseeuw from Kursiv. "While the basic workflow was well defined, we learned about many special usages, for which we could implement improvements or develop complete new options."

Prioritizing keywords
One of the major improvements is the new prioritizing function. With its help it is possible to dynamically mold and reduce the set of keywords applied to images. Why is reducing important? KIM Keywording is so efficient, that within minutes between 100 and 200 keywords can be applied to a single image. To avoid adding non-relevant keywords, the unique prioritizing option uses the main themes (categories) of an image to limit the number of keywords. This is an intuitive process, based on flexible settings and results in a better quality of the keywords used.

Other enhanced functions
The new version includes many other improvements, like:

* simplified translation interface (support for up to 10 languages)
* enhanced search options for the image database
* moving around keywords and keyword strings in the hierarchical keyword database
* improved import- and export-options

Free upgrade and test versions
For current users, the new version is a free upgrade. It is also possible to download the free test version, which offers full functionality for 30 days for a limited number of images.

Summary and contact
Product name: KIM Keywording 1.5
Supplier: Kursiv, Switzerland
Price: Standard version (single user/single language) is EUR 125 / CHF 199. Enhanced version (single user/ 10 languages) is EUR 399 / CHF 639. Additional users cost EUR 99 / CHF 129 per user. (pricing as per july 2009, excluding VAT).

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