Wednesday, January 14, 2009

XDepth Raw Converter: A Digital Raw Photo Development, Processing and Compression Software Released Free of Charge

XDepth Raw Converter is a high quality raw development and 48bit image processing software featuring proprietary XDepth Jpeg-compatible compression technologies and several exclusive features.

SAN RAFAEL DE ESCAZU, COSTA RICA, January 12, 2009 -- Trellis Management Co. Ltd. announces the availability of XDepth Raw Converter for Windows, a raw photo development and image processing software with integrated XDepth Raw and XDepth 48 image compression technologies.

XDepth Raw Converter is capable of reading raw files from most DSLR cameras and allows conversion of raw data to its jpeg-compatible XDepth Raw file format, shrinking raw files down to one fourth the original size.

The XDepth Raw file format not only offers raw image compression but it also introduces copyright protection by securing author and copyright information within the file itself.
Security features of the XDepth Raw file format can also be enhanced to offer full DRM - Digital Rights Management, using certified digital signatures and time-stamps.

XDepth Raw Converter is a professional-grade raw development software featuring a fully High Dynamic Range 96bit/pixel floating point rendering engine.
With its integrated HDR Tone Mapping Operators, HDR Contrast adjustment and color-picking custom white balance selection, XDepth Raw Converter offers outstanding image processing functionalities.

Although specifically designed for raw development, XDepth Raw Converter also works with 48bit/pixel images by loading and saving Tiff, PNG and XDepth 48 file formats thus providing a complete solution for any high bit-depth image processing need.The integrated XDepth 48 image compression technology is able to save jpeg-compatible 48bit/pixel images featuring high compression and the exclusive XDepth reconstruction technology.

XDepth Raw Converter is available completely free of charge for both personal and professional use.

Learn more and download XDepth Raw Converter by visiting the dedicated website at:

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