Monday, January 12, 2009

Mauritius Images presents Beauty Photography of Pedro Perez

Mittenwald (GERMANY), 8th JANUARY 2009 - "I use the camera to capture moments of life, the positive aura of people is important," says Pedro Perez about the important factors of his work. It was only at the age of 40 that he discovered photography and became promptly fascinated. His manifold works in beauty photography are charcterized by shadows, bodys and shapes that are put in perspective with beauty and elegance. He cares about getting the best light for his models and plays with contrasts to achieve a maximum of naturalness and stylish perspectives. In doing so, his pictures get their "respective character". Pedro Perez loves to stage-manage because he does not trust to chance. "Beauty" is a vast and subjective topic. Pedro Perez' beauty photography is marked indivually. He tries to capture beauty and special moments as authentical and aesthetical as possible. The beautiful light of the South, his home country Spain, allows him to give his pictures a warm and smooth mood. In more than 1.300 pictures he presents a portfolio at mauritius images which goes under the skin.

Source: CEPIC


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