Thursday, January 29, 2009

LookStat Now With Image Sale History

After trying out LookStat for about one month I have to say: "I Love It!" I check my status of three microstock agencies in one place every day. This is saveing time!

Now they have just released a new feature which allows you to view the entire sales history for an image over it’s entire lifespan. You can drill down from all time to a single day and can filter transactions by site. To access the feature, just click on a thumbnail in your dashboard. They are working on creating a page that allows you to see all sales for a particular time period and that should be available shortly. Another addition was the implementation of daily intrusion testing with McAfee Secure. In terms of new features, Fotolia is the biggest one on the horizon. I am really looking forward to see more and more agencies working together with this site.

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