Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3D Photography release new website with Royalty Free Images

Copyright infringements can get you on the wrong side of the law, with the new 3D Photographers Royalty free images you can safely use our high quality images

South Africa, Republic of (Press Release) November 29, 2008 -- Gerald Ferreira one of the directors of 3D Photographers said today that they have just completed updating their web site and have uploaded several of their images under the Creative Commons license. This allows visitors to their web site to print their images for free, to use their images on their web sites or on advertising and promotional materials as long as they provide reference to where they have gotten the photographs.

Ronel Jordaan one of the other Partners in 3D Photographers said as a mother she realize that kids need high quality photographs of Lions, Crocodiles, Zebras and dogs for school assignments. Some kids will just go to a web site and download the images without realizing that they may infringe on copyright materials and thus braking the law. 3D Photographers provide these high quality images now for free to children who needs to use their images for school projects.

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