Monday, July 19, 2010

IPTC-PLUS Photo Metadata Toolkit For Adobe CS Released

Jul 19. 2010 11:07 by CEPIC - IPTC has released a Photo Metadata Toolkit for Adobe CS3 to CS5 products together with PLUS on the 15th of July.

It includes a User Guide for the already built-in IPTC panels of CS5 and adds IPTC Extension and PLUS fields to Adobe Bridge CS3 and CS4 by an easy to use IPTC-PLUS Metadata panel which comes with a comprehensive User Guide too.

This Toolkit boosts the easy and successful use of IPTC and PLUS photo metadata with Adobe CS3 to CS5 products.

Download and use the Toolkit free of charge.
Download the latest version v2 of the IPTC-PLUS Metadata panel

What is the Toolkit for?

The IPTC-PLUS Photo Metadata Toolkit for Adobe CS includes:

* For the IPTC Core and IPTC Extension file-info panels built into CS5: a comprehensive User Guide for both schemas
* A plug-in IPTC-PLUS Metadata Panel for Bridge CS3/CS4 for the IPTC Core, IPTC Extension and the PLUS metadata - with a comprehensive User Guide for all fields
* Example images

The panels built-into CS5 and the plug-in panels for Bridge CS3/CS4 include the granular metadata fields of the IPTC Photo Metadata and also a set of fields for the communication of image rights metadata, based on industry standard developed by the PLUS Coalition.
The Bridge panels add IPTC Extension and PLUS metadata capability to Adobe CS3 and CS4 as these versions have no built-in metadata panels available for these two standards, while CS5 has. Creating the plug-in panels was a joint effort of both organisations.

The User Guide documents aim at non-expert metadata writers. They cover the basic IPTC Core fields which keep the most essential information about an image and also the IPTC Extension fields which add fields to clearly identify all persons, organisations, locations and artwork object in the image, further they make model and property releases available and provide details about the creator, the copyright owner and the licensor of the image.

The guidelines for using the PLUS fields explain how to express the usage rights of an image in many variations, including constraints. The user guide documents were authored by David Riecks who has already written the first guide for the IPTC Core in 2005.

What's in the Toolkit?

This Toolkit is a package of 8 files:

* IPTC File Info panel in CS5 User Guide

This PDF document provides guidelines for all IPTC fields as available by the "IPTC" and the "IPTC Ext" File-Info panels delivered with Adobe CS5 products.

* IPTC-PLUS Metadata Panels for Bridge CS3 and higher
This file provides panels for IPTC Core, IPTC Extension and PLUS metadata. The panels may only be run from Adobe Bridge, version CS3 or higher. The intention this panel is to add IPTC Extension and PLUS capability to CS3 and CS4 as for both versions no corresponding file-info panels are available.

Download the latest version v2 of the panel
See the version history page for this panel

* IPTC-PLUS Metadata Panels - Installer
This is a script for installing the Panel script above.

* IPTC-PLUS Metadata Panels User Guide
This PDF document provides guidelines for all IPTC and PLUS fields as available by IPTC-PLUS Metadata panel, see above.

* 4 example image files
These image files have already a rich set of metadata and may be used as reference.

The Toolkit package can be downloaded and used free of charge.


Ann Parry NY said...

Interesting, have you downloaded it and tried it out?

Henrik Lehnerer said...

No, because I still use only Canon Digital Photo Professional and GIMP for my editing. And for the editing of the Metadata I use Cushy Stock.

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