Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stock Photography Sales Statistic February 2009

This is my stock photography sales statistic for February 2009. You can find a complete list of stock photography agencies that I work with at H. Lehnerer Photography.

This are for me the best 4 preforming stock agencies for February 2009:
  1. Shutterstock
  2. StockXpert
  3. Dreamstime
  4. Fotolia
February 09 was my best month ever. The income increased by 71% compared to January 09. For most of the month StockXpert was ahead of Shutterstock. This only change by a very small margin in the last few days. Some agencies show up in the graph with 0% because there income was less then 1%. Agencies with no income do not show up on the graph.

March 09 will be an interesting month for me, because I will not have time to upload images to the agencies. Shutterstock will be the only agency I will be uploading 5 images per week. This will show if other agencies will drop if there is no stream of images that I supply. If you are interested of the outcome, please look for the March statistic next month.

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