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Mamiya Announces New Products for PIE 2009

March 25th, 2009, Japan To Mamiya Distributors

Mamiya 645DF (prototype) . Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2.8 LS 0 Lens (prototype) , Multi-battery Vertical Grip G8401 (Prototype)

Mamiya Digital Imaging will be unveiling at the Photo Imaging Expo 2009 the Mamiya 645DF camera body, designed solely for use with digital backs. The new multi-battery vertical grip G8401 and new Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2.8 LS D lens for this 645 format camera will be also displayed at the PIE.

Mamiya 645DF (prototype)

The Mamiya 645DF is a camera body designed for use with digital backs. Previously, some compromise was required for designing cameras with both digital and analogue capacities, so we have redesigned and modified specifications in order to allow for peak performance in digital. This new camera body can be used with our other recently released prototypes: the multi-battery grip G8401, and AF 80mm F2.8 LS D Sekor lens. Compatibility with these essential accessories means all of the needs of the professional photographer have been covered. Conforming to our ideal of creating open platforms, the Mamiya 645DF can be used with digital backs of all reputable makers.

Main Specifications
Camera type: 6x4.5cm format, electronically controlled focal plane shutter, TIL
multi-mode, AE, AF Single Lens Reflex for digital use. Image size: 56x41.5mm (actual image) Compatible digital backs: Mamiya ZD Back (and Double Buffer), all Digital Backs compatible
with the Mamiya 645AF series Lens mount: Mamiya 645AF Mount (645 non-AF series can be attached, Hasselblad V series lenses call also be attached with a separately soldmount adapter.)

Viewfinder: Fixed Prism eye level viewfinder with diopter adjustment, magnification xO.71
Field of view: Approx. 94% (on a linear measurement)
Auto focusing system: TIL phase difference detection device, CCD line senSOl' (I+I shaped, operation range: EVO to 18 (ISO 100)
Exposure modes: Aperture-priority AE, Shutter-speed priority AE, Program AE (pl'ogram shift possible), Manual
Metering mode: TIL full-aperture metering; center-weighted average (A), Spot (S), Variable ratio (AВ·S auto)
Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical metal focal-plane shutter, can be used with Mamiya AF leaf-shutter lenses
Weight / dimensions: 153 (W) x 128 (H) x 153.3 (D) mm, 1,030g (without batteries)
Price & Delivery time: TBA

Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2.8 LS D Lens (prototype)

The Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2.8 LS D lens is the first leaf shutler lens in Mamiya's AF lineup. The leaf shutler, which has been developed and manufactured in-house, is capable of shutler speeds from 1/500 second to 16 seconds, and has flash synchronization at all speeds. It allows more control for on-location daytime shooting where flash synchronization is required, as well as for flash photography in studios. The lens has been designed for easy and simple operation in conjunction with the focal-plane shutler system of the Mamiya 645DF. The lens has angle of view of 47 degrees in the 6x4.5 format, the equivaient of a 50mm lens in the 35mm format. As the occurrence of aberration is minimal and balance is of high quality, natural depictions are consistently achieved. Switching between manual and auto focusing is controlled by simply moving the focusing ring back and forward.

Main Specifications
Compatible cameras: 645DF
645AFDIII (requires upgrading) Optical construction: 5 groups / 6 elements Angle of view: 47 degrees Mininltnn aperture: 22 Minimum focusing distance: 70cm Maximum magnification ratio: 0.15 Area covered: 377 x 279mm Equivalent focal length in 35mlll: 50mm (for the 645 film image size)

Filter diameter: 72mm
Hood: Bayonet type
Shutter speed: 1/500 -16 seconds
Flash sync: Full speed synchronization
Weight / dimensions: 51.5 (L) x 80.5 (D) mm, 450g
Price & Delivery time: TBA

Multi-battery Vertical Grip GB401 (Prototype)

The Multi-battery Vertical Grip G8401 is a vertical grip for exclusive use with the 645DF camera. The grip features a shutter release button, an AE lock button and AF lock button for the convenience of the photographer when shooting vertically. This product has been designed with the portrait photographer in mind, allowing for ease of shooting no matter what angle you creativity requires. The grip has a 'smart' function which transmits shutter release signals to synchronize flashes. This function makes it possible to shoot wirelessly with large compatible strobes. The grip can be powered by a wide variety of easily accessible batteries including AA alkaline batteries, AA rechargeable nickel hydride batteries and lithium ion batteries.

Main Specifications
Compatible cameras: 645DF Features: Shutter release button, AE & AF lock buttons, Rear & front
electronic dials Weight / dimensions: 153 (L) x 115 (H) x 78 (W)mm, 400g (including batteries) Price & Delivery time: TBA

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries

Yours Sincerely,
Tsunehisa Haketa Manager, International Marketing Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.

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