Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kursiv releases keywording software

Switzerland, 27 August 2008 - Keywording is time consuming and expensive. With "KIM Keywording" swiss photoagency Kursiv launches a new software for faster keywording of images with a variety of unique features. The product offers a structured approach to the keywording of large amounts of images and supports up to 10 languages.

Images without keywords cannot be found in the internet and thus will not be sold. Good keywording is essential for photoagencies and photographers, and becomes even more important with the ever increasing number of images available on searchengines worldwide.

What is considered a "good" keywording is dependent on your own requirements and those of your distribution partners. Not all searchengines in the web are the same. KIM Keywording allows you to keyword once, and create a variable output according to your needs.

KIM Keywording realizes this by applying a "contextual keywording". A context is more important as the keywords themselves. A context means a keyword in a unique setting. Whenever a new keyword is added to the keyword database, it gets the unique context from its unique position within the keyword hierarchy.

The keyword "Switzerland" for example is linked to a larger context of "geography Europe Western Europe Switzerland" and the word "snowing" comes from the larger context "nature phenomena weather snow snow flake snowing". Every single context also has fields for plurals and synonyms, and all this for up to 10 languages.

Once an image has been keyworded with KIM Keywording, the software "knows" what contexts were applied to that image. This allows for adjustments to the keyword catalog, like deactivating plurals, or expanding synonyms and the like. Pushing a button will then update all keywords of all images.

KIM Keywording supports up to 10, also non-latin languages. As many agencies send out their images to different service partners for the keywording of several languages, no such extra hasle is required when using KIM Keywording. New languages can be added to the keyword database in which every unique context allows for unique and precise translations. Once the new language is added to the keyword database, the additional language can be applied to all already keyworded images with a simple mouseclick. As all images have been keyworded with unique contexts, the result is an extremely fast and reliable workflow with correct translations.

KIM Keywording reads and writes IPTC Core fields from TIFF- and JPEG files. Export of metadata is possible for many formats, including CSV, Excel, XML, etc. KIM Keywording is a cross platform software for Mac and Windows and can now be purchased in a version for 1 or 10 languages.

Further informations, screencasts as well as a test version can be found here:

Source: CEPIC

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