Saturday, August 30, 2008


DigaPixBlog is devoted to the judging, critiquing and scoring of your submitted photographs. Readers may enter their comments and questions on any image presented. The purpose of this site is to give honest opinions and suggestions to amateur photographers (one who loves the craft) that want to improve their photographic skills and image quality.

DigaPixBlog owner JL Morris has judged photography for 18 years and found there are no set rules as to what makes a great photograph. It either grabs you or it does not. What appeals to him may be rejected by another. It is up to the photo artist to make the final determination. Think of this blog as if you were presenting your images in a gallery and the person in front of you, not knowing you are the artist, is giving their comments about the work being displayed. They are neither right nor wrong, it’s only their opinion you are overhearing.

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