Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gustavo Brigante's stunning psd composition for TEN by Fotolia is available for free Thursday only

An Argentinian designer is Fotolia's choice to create the premiere piece to launch season 2 of TEN - the innovative monthly promotion offering free psd downloads from artists around the world that includes Royalty Free licenses for all the Fotolia works used in it. The stylish, art-house style film that accompanies each release on the 10th of each month, will include a "making of" video this season - giving the downloaders a window into the creative thinking and processes of the featured artists. Season 2 will include works from 10 little-known but highly talented artists and 2 spotlight works from undisclosed accomplished creators spreading the season over the entire year.

This first work, a personal interpretation of the theme "Let's work," encapsulates Gustavo's belief that perseverance is the key to success throughout all aspects of life. "It was easy to find the photos of my choice on Fotolia,” he explains. “As I neared the end of this work I needed one additional photo. I took advantage of my encounter with the TEN team to organise a shooting session, in which the cameraman took part as a model. I then imported his photo into Photoshop. To obtain graphic consistency, I managed a few adjustments of colours, shades and exposition, without damaging the original image. This allowed me to bring together stock images from Fotolia, and personal photos. As for the methods and tools I used, I chose those in Photoshop and 3D, which enabled me to add another dimension to my work. The last step was to integrate the shadows of it various elements.

TEN Season 2 launches (Thursday / Today) - get your free download for 24 hours on the 10th and watch the films anytime.

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