Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pixoto To Add Stock Photo Sales

After experiencing dramatic growth through their increasingly popular photography contest platform, announces plans to add stock photo sales to their website.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) September 24, 2012 - Pixoto, the innovative online photography community, recently added the ability for its photographer members to add their photos to the upcoming Pixoto Stock Photo Service. The company has experienced explosive growth since its inception in 2011 and has attracted over 100,000 members due to its proprietary image ranking and voting system called ImageDuel. Pixoto is the first photo contest site that ranks every image submitted by an unbiased quality score.
Pixoto members now have the potential of earning money from their photos by simply checking a “License for Stock” box when uploading them to Pixoto. Pixoto members will earn a fee when designers, editors and marketers purchase and download their photos for use in their editorial and commercial works.

Pixoto Stock, through the use of its ImageDuel voting system, hopes to revolutionize micro-stock licensing for images. Pixoto believes that its ability to rank every image submitted gives them, and their members, several key advantages over traditional stock photo sites:

  1. Crowd Validated: With the average top ranked image on Pixoto being voted on by over 100 unique people, buyers can be 100% confident that people love the photo
  2. Faster Search: With Pixoto the best images show up first in every search result eliminating hours of paging through mediocre images
  3. Fresher Images: An amazing stock photo submitted today will be on the top of the search results tomorrow
  4. More variety: Anybody can be a stock photographer with Pixoto because the best images will always rise to the top so they will be able to source stock photos from a much broader audience
Pixoto’s photography contest system is completely innovative, leveling the playing field between participants, who can sign-up for free. Photographers submit images in preset categories such as wildlife, travel, architecture, and specific themes, etc., which are then matched against one another in side by side votes called ImageDuels. The results of the ImageDuels, which are completed by Pixoto members, are used to generate a proprietary ImageScore. The average image on Pixoto collects votes from 100 unique people.
Pixoto gives awards for the best photos in each category every day and its weekly contests have cash prizes. So far, the company has realized astonishing participation from players with over 1 million images already submitted and over 56 million votes cast to date. Pixoto’s ImageDuel system is particularly advantageous for photographers looking for artistic feedback from their peers, as well as the capacity to earn awards, enhancing their own business’s marketing potential.

With the addition of their upcoming stock photo sales to their photography contest arm, Pixoto will add yet another dimension to their increasingly robust presence as an online photography community. Serving artists and photographers alike, the expanded sales presence will reach the public at large, allowing for cross-fertilization of the company’s entire enterprise.

About Pixoto:
Founded in 2011 in Boulder, CO, Pixoto has quickly become the web’s leading photo contest site with more than 100,000 members in more than 150 counties and over 1 million images submitted. Pixoto’s revolutionary ImageDuel voting system aggregates millions of individual voter preferences to create “leaderboards” of the best images in the world. For additional information, please visit

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