Sunday, June 17, 2012

ImageBrief urges photographers to unveil the lost masterpieces

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The Lost from ImageBrief on Vimeo.

ImageBrief, the online marketplace that connects image buyers with a global network of professional photographers, has appealed to photographers to find those fabulous lost images that lie in their archives unused and let them be found!

"The Lost” film is a call to arms for photographers to seek out those hidden gems on their hard drives and use them in response to the growing number of briefs on the ImageBrief website. Under the innovative new business model created by ImageBrief, image buyers submit their requirements, including budget and licensing needs, via the ImageBrief website and registered photographers are then invited to submit their relevant shots. The model is being embraced by photographers thanks to its budget and licensing transparency.

“ImageBrief provides photographers with an opportunity to monetize those images sitting on their hard drives that may not have been used otherwise,” said CEO Simon Moss. “We’ve had a great response from photographers who feel they have unprecedented control over how and where their images are used.”

More than 3000 photographers from over 100 countries are already part of the ImageBrief community. Photographers are accepted on the strength of their portfolio, and once accepted they have the ability to receive and respond to briefs. Photographers wishing to find out more should visit

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