Monday, June 25, 2012

Hasselblad announces plan for a new era of Industry ‘Best Practice’

Hasselblad is working closely with renowned imaging standards expert Scott Geffert to promote a new era of ‘best practice’ in the industry.

The news comes as the company launches its new Phocus Calibration Guide for the Hasselblad digital camera system.

Peter Stig-Nielsen, Hasselblad’s director of digital camera products said: “Our launch of the new calibration guide is an important step in our mission to educate users with current best practices and is designed to meet the emerging standards for accurate colour and tonal reproduction.

The ‘How To’ guide includes specific instruction on creating custom ICC input profiles using third party charts and profiling software. Additionally the guide offers Phocus configuration suggestions for capturing two dimensional originals as well as three dimensional objects.”

Scott Geffert, president at Imagingetc has become an acclaimed ‘voice of the industry’ for his work on developing and deploying universal imaging standards.

Added Stig-Nielsen: “We are delighted to announce this formal cooperation with Scott in a joint mission to help advance imaging standards. We will be working with our R&D team to further address the specific needs of the cultural heritage community – the area where art meets science. We manufacture real solutions for real photographic applications based on community interaction.

Our Special Applications Department is a hub where Hasselblad users’ innovation meets creative minds at Hasselblad R&D. This enables us to look at new opportunities in specialist photographic fields such as aerial photography, forensic science, 3D imaging and more.”

For more information and to download the new Phocus Calibration Guide for free go to:

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