Thursday, May 19, 2011

jAlbum Released Version 9.4

Here is a list of all the new and updated things:
  • New extension support. Extend jAlbum's functionality as easily as you install skins by double clicking .jaext files
  • Major updates to album engine. Now up to 40% faster page processing and updated API for skin developers
  • Config files now centrally located in one config folder
  • Logo filter now accepts different transparency levels and rotation angles. New attributes are angle and strengthPercent. See example in our blog!
  • Excluded images can now also be used as folder thumbnails
  • Windows version now installs on both 32 and 64 bit Windows
  • jAlbum now has a better looking Windows 7 task bar icon.
  • External tools can now be installed next to installed skins (in a "tools" folder") and thereby survive jAlbum updates
  • Splash screen now has a debug feature to trace cause of startup-hangs. Alt-click the splash screen to trigger a full thread dump.
  • Updated Plugin API. jAlbum extensions can now install themselves in the Import menu too.
  • Missing album project no longer generate error lines to the console window
  • Chameleon skin no longer bundled, but can at any time be downloaded here

Bug fixes

  • Skin installer sometimes quit before being done installing skins. This could result in all kinds of skin related errors. If you have any issues running a skin, try reinstalling that skin using this update.
  • Files couldn't be deleted from within jAlbum if they were located on an Apple AFS volume (Mac only)
  • Some ftp servers didn't allow jAlbum to list directory contents
Download jAlbum 9.4

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