Sunday, May 22, 2011

Artensoft Unveils Photo Mosaic Wizard 1.4 - Provides New Features for Creating Photo Mosaics

Artensoft, the developer of software for creating photo collages, has prepared a gift for all owners of digital photo cameras - today the company is launching Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard 1.4 -

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, - Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard is designed for home users, photo camera owners and professional designers. Over time people accumulate hundreds of photos with relatives, friends and interesting events. Now, it's possible to turn these photos into a beautiful photo mosaic that can make a personalized gift to the friend or relative, or can be used to decorate the interior of the user's own apartment. For example, one can make a portrait of a beloved from pictures of her favorite flowers, or a photo mosaic of the newlyweds from their pre-wedding photos. This gift will always remind its owner of the best moments of life and set in a good mood.

At the core of Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard lies an intelligent algorithm for building a natural photo mosaic. When the original picture is uploaded, the program carefully analyzes its contents, and then arranges tile images into a mosaic, taking into account such factors as color, brightness and shape of each fragment of the original picture. The whole process takes only a few seconds. Placement and orientation of tiles looks chaotic, which allows the user to make a photo mosaic as natural and close to the original as possible.


The new version introduces advanced colorization, which allows the user to lay the photo mosaic over the source image to improve the quality of the composition. When the effect is applied, the details of tile pictures are not lost, but color, brightness and contrast of the collage are corrected. The user can customize the intensity of the overlay effect in percents by toggling the slider. The new feature is especially useful if the database of tile pictures is small and it's necessary to improve the quality of the photo mosaic.

Another novelty in version 1.4 is the removal of the restriction related to the number of tile pictures for building a photo mosaic. Earlier this number was equal to 1500 images. Now the user can create a photo collage from any number of images in the database, even from a single picture. In combination with the advanced colorization effect it may help to produce some fairly original photo mosaics. For example, a photo mosaic could be created from a single image and the composition will be laid over the original picture, repeating its colors.

For convenience of the user, the new version of Photo Mosaic Wizard offers the ability to choose the minimum possible radius to exclude duplicate images in the composition. The larger the radius, the farther are similar images and vice versa. In the first version, the radius was a constant and set by default.

Also, the process of creating a photo mosaic has become much easier and faster. The new version introduces the ability to remove tile images from the database directly during the process of indexing photos, without having to wait for its completion, and significantly increased speed of rendering a composition for preview, because Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard now calculates only the area that is required for previewing.

To learn more about Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard 1.4, users can download its free trial version, or read more information about the program and view samples of photo mosaics online.

About Artensoft

Artensoft ( is the developer of software for editing photos and creating mosaic photo collages. Hundreds of photographers, designers and home users leverage the power of Artensoft software to turn ordinary photos into extraordinary photo compositions that can not only beautify your home photo album, but also professional brochures, banners and posters.

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