Thursday, April 21, 2011

John Todd's Sports Photography Tips & Techniques - Soccer Photos

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- "Welcome to a new episode of the Marc Silber Show - Advancing Your Photography! We're in San Francisco with our guest John Freeman Todd, a professional sports photographer for over 21 years. He shares a few sports photography tips that can help amateurs start taking better photos. John specializes in soccer photography, and as the team photographer for Major League Soccer's San Jose Earthquakes and the U.S. Men and Women's soccer teams, he has taken a number of stunning pictures over his career.

John's style is to take bold, beautiful images. He keeps the background clean so the actions and emotions of his subject are the clear focus of the photo. He follows one of Ansel Adams' best photography tips: think about the end result before you take the picture, and use your mind as a tool to achieve that goal. His advice for amateurs is to move beyond your camera's full auto settings and learn how to use manual settings for focus, lighting, and exposure.

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