Friday, April 22, 2011

Hasselblad launches New Monthly Bulletin in 5 languages

18/04/2011 The first issue of the monthly Hasselblad Bulletin – a redesigned, reformatted, refreshed version of the Hasselblad newsletter – has arrived. The new Bulletin will be published every month, mid-month, by the company's communications department, in five languages – English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Interactive, user friendly, accessible, and informative, each issue of the Hasselblad Bulletin will provide the latest news, photographer profiles, tips and tricks for using Hasselblad cameras and Phocus software, and a generous supply of spectacular Hasselblad images. Regular features include an event calendar for Hasselblad international events and workshops; a community section, where you can influence the Bulletin's content and stay in touch with other Hasselblad photographers.

Chris Russell-Fish, Global Sales & Marketing Director, says, "When we were developing the new publication, we envisioned an innovative, multi-level experience that would merge the images and personalities of Hasselblad users with our desire to inform and connect with everyone about Hasselblad."

Adds Maxi Schumacher, Global Communication & Public Relations Officer, "Coming up with a new design, website and content strategy was challenging. But it was also fun figuring out what would be interesting for photographers from all countries. We are very proud of the first issue and hope you enjoy it. Even though we already have many ideas for the upcoming issues, we would always welcome your input to make the Bulletin as informative and creative as possible."

When you've finished reading the new issue, please click here to answer the question of the month and enter your name in a drawing to receive a Hasselblad Masters Book Vol. 2. Send your comments and suggestions to the Bulletin team at newsletter(at)

To explore and browse the first issue of the Hasselblad Bulletin, simply click here.

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