Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hasselblad and Photo Pro Magazine Team Up for Unique Hasselblad Program

28/03/2011 In response to 35mm photographers who have had the impression that Hasselblad cameras are too large, too heavy or too difficult to handle, Hasselblad set out to allay all their fears and concerns by giving those photographers a chance to try Hasselblad equipment for themselves.

As part of its outreach to photographers, Hasselblad formed a partnership with U.K.-based Photo Pro Magazine, offering its readers a chance to win one-on-one photo shoots with Hasselblad professional photographers using a full Hasselblad camera system. Dozens of Photo Pro readers threw their hats into the ring, so to speak.

The reasoning behind the shoots is obvious: the best way to remove misconceptions about medium-format cameras is to let photographers judge for themselves by shooting with a late model Hasselblad digital camera, right alongside a Hasselblad pro shooter. A second objective of its "Hands on a Hasselblad" campaign is to correct misconceptions about product pricing.
During the photo sessions, photographers learned about the value of second-hand deals, leasing alternatives, and products, such as the H4D-31, which had just entered the marketplace with a price tag slightly above that of high-end 35mm pro DSLRs.

Hasselblad Studio Hosts Beauty Shoot
With the new, two-storey, fully stocked, state-of-the-art Hasselblad Studio becoming one of the hot spaces around London's photography scene, Photo Pro Magazine columnist Christian Hough, a hair and beauty photographer, set up a beauty shoot there. Hasselblad invited a reader who runs a photo studio to join them for the day. A video of the day's photo shoot can be viewed here.

The generously appointed Hasselblad studio offered everything from a huge infinity cove for seamlessly lit backgrounds; Broncolor and Profoto lighting, transformers, and accessories; Apple MacPro workstations; Eizo monitors; polyboards; a well-equipped, well-lit makeup area; to a roller door that opens to give direct access to the road outside so gear and shoot items can be driven in. There's a mezzanine level to relax and watch the shoot, a fully stocked kitchenette, and a knowledgeable, versatile studio manager. A professional model, hair and makeup stylists, and Hasselblad technicians were brought in for the day's shoot.

Hasselblad’s global sales & marketing director and UK MD Chris Russell-Fish explains, “There were huge numbers of people who were, sadly, unable to be part of the series we ran with Photo Pro last year. To make sure that people didn’t miss out, we were keen to set up this day at the London Studio. It’s really interesting to see the wide diversity of people who have come here today and we want to open people’s hearts and minds to the new facility.”

The beauty shoot, as well as the other photo shoots that comprise the "Hands on a Hasselblad" campaign—portraiture with Tim Flach, fashion shoot with Hoss Mahdavi, wedding photographer Mark Bryce, table top with commercial photographer Craig Fraser, and Parisian streets with travel photographer Lydia Shalet—are vividly captured in the supplement "Photo Assignments: Hands on a Hasselblad"—written by editor Terry Hope, Photo Pro Magazine. According to Terry, thanks to "Hands on a Hasselblad, "Preconceptions have been challenged and minds changed, and that’s what it’s all been about. A hugely worthwhile exercise and proof, if it were needed, that the professional workhorse of the film age is still capable of doing a great job."

Click here to visit the Hasselblad YouTube Channel.

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