Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hasselblad Social Media Sites, Feeds and Streams Inform and Inspire

Social media websites are enormously popular today. A wide range of international social media sites, feeds, and streams are focused on Hasselblad and the Hasselblad product line.

Whether you are an analog or digital Hasselblad shooter, photography student or pro, you'll find a bounty of technical tips, product updates, event news, discussion forums, and stunning imagery to inform and inspire you.

Here are some of the foremost online sites dedicated to Hasselblad owners:

- Facebook, for Hasselblad consumer products
- Facebook, for Technology products and services
- Facebook , for products
- Facebook, for HassyUSA
- Facebook, for Victor by Hasselblad
- Facebook, for Hasselblad UK
- Facebook, for Phocus by Hasselblad
- Twitter, for Hasselblad USA
- Twitter, for Hasselblad UK
- LinkedIn, for the Hasselblad Group
- LinkedIn, for Hasselblad University Alumni
- flickr, for Hasselblad on flickr
- YouTube, Hasselblad on YouTube
- Hasselblad Digital Forum

If you’ve ever done a search for Hasselblad product or workflow videos, you’ve discovered there are literally millions.

Do a search for “photographers shooting with Hasselblad,” and you’ll come up with a list of some 150,000 stories. Do a search for “Hasselblad cameras” and you’ll tap into 350,000 leads. A search for “Hasselblad photographers” generates a list of 11,500,000 stories and videos.

The annual Hasselblad Masters final exhibition and tours and the Hasselblad Owners’ Club have caused a spike in the number of online stories. The videos with the biggest draw, inevitably, involve high-end photographers discussing their digital workflow, the power of Hasselblad, the remarkable detail and resolution of their files, how Hasselblad enhances their images and their ability to tell a story through pictures.

Do some exploring on your own and you’ll find even more sources of Information and inspiration.

Text by Alice B. Miller

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