Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fixtime and Paintings I Love on BBC

Excellent coverage of Flixtime and Paintings I Love on the BBC

FLIXTIME (http://flixtime.com/)

If you want to create compelling displays of all your treasured digital photos to share with your family and friends, point your browser at Flixtime. This web app lets you make impressive animated slide shows including pictures and video in three simple steps.

You can create a 60 second film for free, with the software doing all the complicated and artistic stuff for you.

Transitions are applied to the beat of your choice of music and you can add video and captions without any drama.

The processing and rendering works nice and fast and the end result is really professional. Once the slideshow is rendered you can even add a voice track so your viewers know exactly what is going on.

This is a brilliant way to share those forgotten digital photographs gathering dust on your hard drive.

PAINTINGS I LOVE (http://www.paintingsilove.com/)

If you would rather enjoy a different kind of picture, take a gander at Paintings I Love.

This site houses a community for online artists to post their work and get friendly feedback from other users of the site.

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy these pages - they value the feedback of art lovers just as much as the artists who contribute. All the submissions are rated by the site's community, so you can easily find your way to the most stunning pictures in the galleries.

I was blown away by some of the quality of this work. If you feel inspired by what you see, there are open workshops you can take part in to brush up your artistic skills, and the Q&A section allows people to ask specific questions about certain techniques to improve their work.

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