Saturday, May 22, 2010

Roger-Viollet Launches New Website


Roger-Viollet, a reference historical archive in Europe launches a new website which highlights images, photographers and features.

What's new:
  • Larger images
  • Easier access to the editorial content
  • New presentation of photographers and collections
  • New functionalities for a smoother user experience
  • And, as always, a user-friendly interface, a more efficient and faster search, an easy management for albums, selections and downloadings

The famous French photo agency distributes its own extensive heritage collections, the collections of the museums of the city of Paris and represents the photographic collections of independent photographers. With a total of over 6 million photographs the collection covers 150 years of French and international history: world events, fine arts, portraits of artists and celebrities, arts, fashion and science, politics and everyday life. Beyond photography the collections include reproduction of other documents dating back from antiquities to the end of the XXth century.

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