Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jalbum New Version 8.8

This release has a number of minor improvements targeted to improve usability and simplify for skin developers. The most noticeable change for Windows users is that we're now using Windows standard file chooser for picking images for your album instead of the "XP looking" file chooser provided by Java. For Vista and Windows 7 Jalbum will feel more like a first class citizen on your desktop now.

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News and Updates
  • Windows users now get the native Windows file chooser when adding images to Jalbum
  • Ability to sign in using either email or username (even for first time sign in)
  • More forgiving when reading corrupted images (will load using old API if new API fails)
  • Image bounds selector modified so it is more obvious that one can set any image bounds, not just the presets
  • New splash screen and sign in window (with the close button to the right this time)
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Chameleon, Galleria and Simplicity. Thanks all skin developers!
  • On Windows, bundled skins are now installed in the same location as installed skins (under AppData\Jalbum\skins)
  • New variable "contentPath". contentPath works like imagePath, but links to the content of movie files instead of to an icon
  • New variable "mimeType" available. mimeType reads from system/filetypes.xml. (Currently only a few file types have MIME type defined)
  • Image specific skin defined variables now have automatic data type mapping too (were previously all considered Strings)

Bug fixes
  • Media RSS file wasn't linking properly to movie files 468x60 banner, image is updated by season.

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