Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DepositPhotos Now With Affiliate Program

DepositPhotos has already a excellent Promo for contributors. DepositPhotos is paying $0.20 for each accepted image up to $100. Now DepositPhotos also has an affiliate program. The DepositPhotos affiliate program is a web based system that lets members earn rewards by promoting DepositPhotos to their friends, families and clients. Once you refer a new Seller or Buyer to DepositPhotos using a custom link through the affiliate program, you will receive rewards into your DepositPhotos account!

Here is my referral link if anyone is interested:

Commissions for attracting Photographers:

  • $0.05 for each original photo your referral uploads for sale up to 1000 images
  • $0.03 for each sale that your referral makes through a subscription

Commissions for attracting Buyers:

  • 15% commission for each Pay-By-Credit purchase your referral makes
  • You get the percent shown for each Subscription Plan purchased by your referral
    ( 10% - 1 month, 8% - 3 months, 6% - 6 months, 4% - 12 months )
  • You earn the amount shown for each SMS package purchased by your referral
    ( $0.05 - SMS1, $0.10 - SMS2, $0.15 - SMS3, $0.20 - SMS4 )

  • $10 for placing a banner ad on your site (minimum three month)


1 comment:

Moonb007 said...

It a great program...a lot stronger then most other stock sites

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