Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fast Media Magazine launches

London (UK), 28 SEPTEMBER 2009 (CEPIC) - Fast Media Magazine has launched. When Stock Media meets the web and communities they become Fast Media, immediately; available for users through a wide variety of platforms and tools. We follow developments in all Stock Media, from stock photography, video and audio to copy (publications). We consider anything that is readily available and doesn’t have to be produced on-demand Stock Media.

We write stories for industry insiders that want the latest news, read inspirational stories, and learn from the experience of colleagues and competitors. Photographers can find stories about new technologies, business ideas and enjoy the work of others. Users and clients can read about the latest products and services, follow important updates and see useful tips on how best to find, purchase and use Stock Media.

Fast Media Magazine focuses mostly on developments outside the industry and future trends that will influence the way Stock Media will be used and paid for. The website and daily newsletter contains news, articles, blogposts and interviews. The monthly online magazine takes the best stories and a summary of the news and illustrates this for those who want to take their time or want to read while on the move.

The website and magazine are supported by a forum where issues can be discussed on an objective platform. Furthermore, the directory serves as an easy way to connect with companies throughout the industry.

The magazine has had a soft launch for the past month and has already established a loyal, interested readership. Over the coming months new issues will be published and work has started on a number of special editions.

About Fast Media:
Fast Media Magazine is the product of a passion for the industry. It has been started by Marco Oonk, a 15 year industry veteran who worked in senior positions at both Getty Images and Corbis before starting his own consultancy company Fast Media Team ( In an interview with Moodboards’ The factory Blog he said:

“These are stories worth telling. Companies and people each bring their own ambition, experience, skill-sets and contributions to the table and I am providing a platform to share this knowledge. It’s about looking outward and forward and having a dialogue between industry insiders, outside experts and clients that is constructive and productive and helps companies and people be successful.”

Marco feels that a lot of the innovation from the industry has come from the outside, and in many cases, as a surprise. By staying on top of the latest developments and sharing the latest innovations and thinking with insiders and clients he believes the industry can work through changing circumstances and develop new business models that are relevant for clients and future proof.

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