Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BenVista releases PhotoZoom Pro 6

ARNHEM, September 22, 2014 – Today BenVista announced the release of their new photo resizing software PhotoZoom Pro 6. The product, available for OS X and Windows, works both as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for various host programs such as Photoshop.

The PhotoZoom series is specialized in enlarging (and downsizing) digital images while preserving maximum quality. It is the only software to use BenVista's in-house developed S-Spline resize technology. With PhotoZoom Pro 6, BenVista says to have further improved the technology, which has been under development for the past fifteen years.

"In PhotoZoom Pro 6, we have reinforced our S-Spline Max algorithm with improved detection of tiny details and subtle edges. During enlargement, these are now being reconstructed in a smart way, yielding extremely true-to-nature results. The improvements are particularly spectacular with low resolution originals, which often contain lots of delicate details," says D.S. Schoolwerth, CEO at BenVista.

Schoolwerth adds, "Moreover, PhotoZoom Pro 6 comes with a new option to enhance the vividness of photos. This comes in very handy when enlarging originals that look a bit dim or lacklustre. PhotoZoom Pro 6 will not only turn them into perfect enlargements, but can also bring these photos to life by adding some extra sunshine."

Other improvements are split screen previewing for making live comparisons between different resize methods, improved GPU acceleration for increased speed, and new presets that were specially designed for various types of photos and graphics. Also, PhotoZoom Pro 6 now supports Raw images both as a plug-in and stand-alone application.

Demo versions of PhotoZoom Pro 6 can be downloaded directly from the BenVista website: www.benvista.com. Upgrade options are available for existing PhotoZoom users.

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