Monday, January 6, 2014

More Power to Pictures in VICTOR

The eagerly awaited Edition Three of Hasselblad's much lauded VICTOR Photography Book is available this week and the accent is now even more firmly on the outstanding images that are being showcased.

Following its relaunch back in September 2012, Hasselblad's book format publication VICTOR has gained plaudits from every quarter, due to its supremely high production values and the quality of the photographers who have been included. Issue Two continued the good work and further established the look, and now Issue Three is again going to be something special.

While the format remains the same this time round the mix of text and images has changed a little, with even more emphasis now being placed on the visuals and the scale at which pictures have been used. Otherwise the values that have quickly established VICTOR as a 'must buy' publication remain: exquisitely printed and hard bound, it's more of a luxury book than a magazine, and the words, as before, are translated into a variety of languages, and so it's accessible to everyone.

As with the previous two editions the line-up of photographers being featured is awesome: David Lynch, Matthias Koslik, Andy Rudak, Bernhard Edmaier, Alisha Goldstein, Laurent Segretier, Timothy Hogan, Derek Kendall, Klaus Thymann, John Robert Rowland, Morgan Fisher and Brad Harris. "We're delighted to have pulled together such a celebrated line up of names," says Paul Waterworth, Hasselblad's Global Photographer Relations Manager. "It's a tribute to how well respected the publication is that so many great photographers are prepared to contribute."

While the overall look and feel of the publication is the same, and the price remains at a hugely competitive €20/GBP15/US$25 plus shipping costs, there has been a change in the way the magazine is distributed. Customers can still order VICTOR online at to be shipped all over the world, but now all Hasselblad subsidiaries (UK, Germany, US, France and Japan) are also offering to supply the magazine directly.

More news and information about VICTOR magazine can be found online at and on Facebook at

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