Thursday, March 28, 2013

Camera Bits Launches Photo Mechanic Version 5 User Manual on Wiki

The new software manual is available online and easily searchable based on categories or one complete page for the latest version of Photo Mechanic.

Portland, Oregon – March 27, 2013 – Camera Bits announced the launch of the Photo Mechanic all-digital, online wiki user manual with 34 sections of information ranging from basic functions of the software to advanced features like code replacements. Users can find the manual at

“All of us at Camera Bits are very excited to launch this incredibly detailed, digital tool for our current and new users,” said Director of Customer Communications Mick Orlosky. “This allows the information to be fluid when we update a new version and will be a true asset for any studio or single user who use Photo Mechanic as the first step in their editing workflow.”

Users can browse the manual as an alphabetical index of topics in small chunks, or see it all on one large page to make searching simple. If users find an error or would like to request additional information on a topic, the company will accept comments on the Camera Bits Forums.

Users wishing to download, try or buy Photo Mechanic Version 5 can visit the company’s website at

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