Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BenVista releases PhotoZoom 5

ARNHEM, December 4, 2012 -- Today BenVista announced the release of their new photo resizing software PhotoZoom 5. The release includes two versions, PhotoZoom Pro 5 and PhotoZoom Classic 5, which are available for both Windows and Mac platforms as of now.

The PhotoZoom series is specialized in enlarging and downsizing digital images while preserving their original quality, for which it uses BenVista's patented, award-winning S-Spline(R) technologies. PhotoZoom 5 also removes noise and JPEG compression artifacts. Besides compatibility with Windows 8 and OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), PhotoZoom 5 introduces various new features and improvements.

Version 5 offers the option to combine cropping and resizing into one process. This makes it easy to for example convert a photo with a 4:3 width-to-height ratio into 16:9 (Full HD), without stretching the picture out of its original proportions. Instead, a specific area with proportions equal to the output image is selected and resized.

BenVista's most advanced technology for enlarging and downsizing images is S-Spline Max. Although the technology creates excellent results, it also requires a lot of computing power. To reduce processing time, PhotoZoom Pro 5 now uses both multi-core processors and GPU acceleration.

Says D.S. Schoolwerth, CEO at BenVista, "Quality-wise, S-Spline Max was already the number one image enlargement method in the world. But it was not the fastest method around, so we are much pleased by the addition of GPU acceleration. It allows PhotoZoom Pro 5 to produce image enlargements of the same excellent quality as PhotoZoom Pro 4, but it does the job up to five times faster."

PhotoZoom 5 comes with a redesigned interface layout, making it more accessible, flexible, and user-friendly. Another workflow improvement is the new option to create "resize profiles". These are full compilations of the user's favorite settings which, once created, can be selected with a single click.

Demo versions of PhotoZoom Pro 5 and PhotoZoom Classic 5 can be downloaded directly from the BenVista website: www.benvista.com. Upgrade options are available for existing PhotoZoom users.

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