Monday, November 10, 2008

Exposed: High-End Photo Retouching Firm Launches New Site to Showcase Perfect Pixels

Master magicians at manipulating images and sought out by top photographers, Barking Pixel showcases highly sophisticated retouching gallery

GEORGETOWN, Texas, Nov. 7 -- Barking Pixel and Justine Boyer announce a new web site,, with one of the largest post production photo retouching image galleries available from a digital retoucher. The Austin area-based commercial retouching firm has uploaded the best images from years of experience to better exhibit the company's capabilities.

"This is a very comprehensive group of before-and-after images showcasing the range of photo manipulation and color correction available at our studio," says Justine Boyer, owner. "We've showcased an extensive collection of digitally retouched images from fashion and model photography, auto photography, architectural photography, landscape photography, furnishings photography, jewelry photography and food photography."

Justine Boyer has been called "The Best Retoucher in Town" and she has been in the digital retouching and color correction business for over 17 years. The new site is intended to showcase the company's maturity, extensive experience and creativity.

"We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers, as well as from those who appreciate the post production skills needed for professionally enhanced and color corrected images," continued Boyer. "We suggest people visit the site if they want to see the latest in professional digital photoshop retouching and color mastery."

"This site shows our capabilities well," says Boyer. "It gives the potential customer an effective and convenient method of reviewing a complete portfolio before choosing a digital image retoucher and color corrector."

Source: PRNewswire

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