Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photo Infos iPhone App

Photo Infos iPhone App

The application displays information about photography, and stock photography (microstock) industry. It is helpful for photographer, illustrator, designer. It is also useful for any buyer of image like photo editors of newspapers, magazines, advertisement agencies, and more.

Download the Photo Infos iPhone App


Photography news articles, press releases, tutorials, and more.

T3DS Img 

My Stock images at The 3d Studio


News and other information about the stock photography industry.


List of stock photography agencies with information about them.


My twitter streams (hlehnerer)


A twitter stream all that brings deals to you. Most of them are photography related.

more img 

More stock images by a small group of stock photography friends from the Blog The Looney Bin Images.

Flickr Group 

This album shows the newest 42 images from the Flickr group “Photo Infos

Technical Support

If you should have any problems or questions about the "Photo - Infos" App, please go to Photo Infos iPhone App - FAQ and leave a comment.

Alternatively, you can contact Henrik Lehnerer directly using the Contact Form.

Download the App

Download the Photo - Infos App


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